Vocals, Guitar / Paul Landis
Guitar / Kevin Dillon
Bass / Colin Davis
Drums / Michael Alex


Vanowen is an unlikely union of Seattle musicians. Colin Davis and Paul Landis first met in high school, formed a band, and started playing shows in Tacoma and around Seattle. In a chance meeting at a session produced by Colin Davis back in 2004, Kevin Dillon was introduced to Paul Landis. In need of a drummer, Michael Alex was recommended, and one song later they knew he was the guy for job. They performed in and around Seattle, but later went on hiatus as a group due to scheduling conflicts.


Wanting to pick up where they had left off, they reformed in 2013 and entered the studio at London Bridge where they recorded their album “Beautiful.” In May of 2014, Vanowen signed with the London Tone Music Group and released their single also titled “Beautiful.” 


Sadly, Michael passed away while they were working on a follow up album. Vanowen had already written and demoed 8 songs for the album with Michael.


With the help of their friends, Vanowen entered London Bridge Studios with Mike Musburger ("Posies", "Fastbacks", "Supersuckers") on drums to record these 8 songs. The songs are now completed and you can find links to purchase the new album by clicking the MUSIC tab above. 


Press Play! below to hear the songs "Everything You Want" and "Yes" from Vanowen's new album - "What You Want".  See the videos on the MEDIA page.